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Swedish Massage

Full session (60 minutes)
A relaxing traditional massage using European techniques of Long, kneading strokes that relieves muscular tension and improves circulation.

(60 minutes) $65.00 
(30 minutes) $35.00

Deep Tissue Massage

Full session (60 minutes)
A more aggressive style massage used to eliminate knots in muscles due to prolonged stress or athletic activities.

(60 minutes) $75.00
(30 minutes) 45.00

Swedish / Deep Massage

Combination Massage

Full session (60 minutes) Need a little deep tissue in some areas for example, back, neck, shoulders, but more gentle strokes in other areas? This is the massage for you! Leslie will check with you before the massage begins, to customize the massage to suit your needs.

(60 minutes) $70.00
(30 minutes) $40.0

Sports Massage

Full session (60 minute)

Sports massage is designed to help atheletes prepare their bodies for optimal performance, recover after an event, or function well during training. For the athlete. no matter what your sport is, let Leslie customize a sports massage that's right for you.

(60 minute) $75.00 
(30 minute) $45.00

Essential Massage Favorite

Full Session 1.5 hours

Our most popular massage for pure relaxation! 20 minute foot reflexology with choice of aromatic oils, hot steam towels, followed by our extended ultimate stress reliever massage, ending with an aromatherapy steam facial.

(1.5 hours) $95.00

The Ultimate Stress Reliever

Full Session (30 minutes)

30 glorious minutes of massage using gentle aromatic oils, hot packing on sore muscles, with deep tissue massage on neck, shoulders, back and legs. 

(30 minute) $40.00

Aromatherapy Facial and Deep Scalp Massage

Full session(30 minute)

Everybody's favorite. Our facial begins with several applications of lavender essential oil, hot steam towels, and gently massaging the entire face, neck, shoulders, and finally, deeply massaging the entire scalp.
Oooh, ahhh...

(30 minute) $35.00 
(15 minute, add to any other session) $20.00


Foot Reflexology

Full session (30 minute)

The ancient art of healing thru pressure points. Leslie is able to deeply and effectively work specific points on the bottom of the feet, helping to bring your body into balance. I extend this service with hot steam towels and deep compressions on the lower legs. Guaranteed to make you feel incredible!

(30 minute) $40.00
(15 minute, add on) $20.00

The Frequent Flyer

Purchase 5 Ultimate Stress Relievers Valued at $200.00
For $200.00/175.00
(no expiration date/transferable)


Gift certificates are available upon request


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